The Aprons



Spring Collection Lemons

Shelly and grandma Elsie loved spending time in the kitchen baking and sewing. We love the idea of lemons and thought it was really pretty. There’s nothing better than lemonade on a hot day. The lemons signify the spring going into summer with all the trees in bloom and sitting on the porch after a great homemade meal with wearing your apron. We feel that the lemon thing as perfect for a Mother’s Day gift for everyone.

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Cup Cakes

Cupcake Cutie Cakes

This is the original Apron Designs! We feel this is great for all seasons but it’s something extra special during the holiday season, when lots of baking is going on. Having a pretty Apron put you in the mood to bake special goods for your family and friends. It puts you in the mood for a party and what a better way to celebrate with cupcakes. Making with the pastel colors of Apron Just entices you to wear this apron!

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Pink: BCA

The pink design is the latest and greatest of our collection. It’s dear and clear to our hearts. And it signifies breast cancer awareness. Every time you put that apron on, you know that you are spreading the word and making sure that people think about taking care of themselves and you’re showing support and making others aware. Not only that, but it’s really cute.

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